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Airline Partnership Summary

The Northern Cape Provincial Government commissioned a feasibility study to investigate the options of relying on some form of scheduled and non-schedule air service to address some of its VVIP, Northern Cape Provincial Government (NCPG) managerial and operational staff, private sector and larger Northern Cape communities with travel requirements within the Province.

Based on the feasibility study, the travel patterns suggested that it was possible to introduce an economically viable and safe air transport service linking the major towns in the Province.  The current business and tourist travel profile of the Northern Cape also makes it convincing to establish an intra-provincial air service.   

In 2013, after much consultation, the Provincial Government issued a tender to appoint a suitable service provider to render the Intra-Provincial Air Service.  Phakalane Airways was the successful bidder to assist Provincial Government to implement this service.  

The establishment of the Airline is also a means for the Provincial Government to grow the transport system in the Province and utilize existing transport infrastructure for the development of an efficient, reliable transport system.  

The Intra-Provincial Air Service will have scheduled flights in Kimberley, Upington and Springbok and unscheduled flights De Aar, Calvinia, Kuruman and Sishen.  As there will be an expansion in other areas such as Sishen for unscheduled flights, the idea is to not only service major towns but also extend the service to smaller towns around these areas.  This will enable them to have better accessibility as they will travel shorter distances to the airport/aerodrome from where they can board their flight.

What the Intra-flight project aims to achieve:

  • To grow reliable and efficient  transport systems in the Province
  • Reduce costs of travelling via road
  • Improving the overall efficiency by reducing the travel time spent on travelling in the Province
  • Reduce traffic on the roads making it safer for road users
  • Allowing for a limited amount of low volume cargo to be transported with the passenger traffic
  • Attracting the number of tourist visiting the Province to explore the vast Province

 Our Aim

To provide an aviation solution as a joint venture between the Northern Cape government, municipalities, mining houses, private sector and Phakalane Airways by providing and utilising a Domestic Airline from Kimberley to various destinations in the Northern Cape and South Africa

Our Mission

To be the leading Airline in the Northern Cape Province by the year 2020.

Our Vision

To engage in providing mutually beneficial  exchanges of Aviation skills to the Northern Cape Province in South Africa.

PPP Code

Provision has to be discussed and agreed upon in order for PPP shareholding in the company new design which is subject to a non-disclosure agreement.

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Tel : 053 492 0001

Fax: 053 851 1054

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Flight Destinations

Upington Kuruman
Kimberley De Aar
Springbok Calvinia
Lanseria Sishen